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  1. Hey guys, my hack gets stuck at the attached screen, saying the 'VirtualSMC EFI module is broken' and it's waiting on some boot media. It does boot once in a while, but I cannot reproduce what makes it work, removing all USB devices doesn't help for instance. I know this seems to be a common issue, but the solutions I found didn't help. Please find attached the screenshot and my Clover folder. Any support much appreciated! (: CLOVER.zip
  2. I wasn't able to make it work with your clover package, so I simply used your DSDT.aml with my previous clover folder. It SUCCESSFULLY booted ONCE. I later rebooted and now I'm stuck at either of these two boot screens:
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't boot with your new config... It gets stuck somewhere in the boot screen.
  4. Here it is> Send me SimonsHckintosh2.zip
  5. Thx, It's booting now and all hard drives show up, but I'm getting severe graphics glitches/jitter (plz see attached image). I updated Clover and replaced the Clover folder inside EFI. Something wrong with the kexts maybe?
  6. Thanks, Log is attached. Please note that I had to REMOVE the 1080 Ti in order to be able to boot and run your app at all. The customPatches picture shows the patches I added in CloverConfigurator, I wasn't able to create a working DSDL.aml patch file myself. Definitely willing to donate if we can make this work :) Thx! Send me Simons-Hackintosh.zip NewestOrigin.zip
  7. Sry, guess I was too euphoric, just changed my HDD configuration in the BIOS (removed RAID 1 since it's not supported). I then replaced the Strings you mentioned, but I can no longer boot into macOS :/ How can the two HDDs destroy the working patch? Attached is the new origin DSDT that Clover extracted. Would appreciate your help again, not sure what I'm doing wrong all the time... changedACPI.zip
  8. You guys are THE BEST! It's all working now. Thanks a bunch!
  9. Hi, I have been trying to follow @RehabMan 's guide to disable my dGPU ( https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-disabling-discrete-graphics-in-dual-gpu-laptops.163772/ ) for two days now, but haven't found a way to disable my 1080 Ti on my desktop Clover hack. I have a dual-boot (Win/Mac) machine on a Z370 Aorus 7. Since there's no nvidia drivers for Mojave atm, I want to stick with the iGPU under Mac, but still use the 1080 Ti under Win. The hack boots just fine when I remove the 1080 Ti, if it's plugged in via PCIe I get a kernel panic. Please find attached my ACPI folder, my clover config.plist and the kernel panic details. Might there even be a less hacky way than patching these ACPI files? I appreciate any kind of support! Thanks! ACPI.zip config.plist systemReport.txt