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  1. Hello, I have z820 6 cores E5-2667 @2.90 Ram 64 GB Radon RX 580 8gb ram mac osx Mojave everything works but USB 3 and Sata and SAS SATA just first 2 ports and SAS just port 0 works i tried the AstekFusion pkg installer i added the 2 kexts to to Others but when i use Kext utility to install the i cant boot but my CPUID show i have Sandy Bridge not IVY. im uploading my Config and SSDT config.plist SSDT.aml
  2. Hello Every one, I have problem with High Sierra after login in the screen goes black any idea?my build is HP Z820 work stationit is 2011 socketgraphic msi 980 ti 6gb64 GB ram Muskkin SSD 250 GBhelp me