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  1. Update:The Charger BMON sensor (ampere drawn from the battery) is always reporting 18A ... If the SMC thinks that the battery is constantly sending 18A it thinks that something is wrong. How can I fix it? I was looking at the schematic 820-3787-A and the SMC is driven by the ISL6359 chip. I checked the resistors between SMC and the ISL6359, so the problem must be around the ISL6359. Did anybody fixed this problem before?
  2. Wow.. when I read your first message, I thought .. that is exactly what is happening to me. I just posted here: After a bunch of researches I realized that "High CPU on the kernel_task" is a very generic problem that has a lot of multiple causes including hardware problems. I have been reading and a lot including Louis Rossman videos and his forum https://www.rossmanngroup.com/boards . If I remember correctly I saw a thread where somebody had similar errors on the sensors. check on the forum. In that case it turned that the sensor values were legit and the problem was a broken heat pipe. If bended it may break inside. It is not visible but it does not properly dissipate the heat. The CPU was really overheating and a new heat sink fixed the problem.