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  1. stillsaad8

    Black Screen on boot with Nvidia web drivers

    But with Nvidia web drivers, sierra boots up(audio working,mouse etc) but gives no display :/
  2. Hi, I installed Sierra 10.12.6 on a pc with these specs;Dell Optiplex 755Core 2 Quad Q9400GT 430 2 GB8 GB RAM Everything else seems to work fine(audio, ethernet, etc) but graphics do not work completely. I have to use nv_disable=1 , inject nvidia = 0 in order to get graphics card working but the screen flickers,no graphical acceleration, low resolution(1024x768 instead of 1366x768) and it detects my gpu as 1 GB. Any help will be appreciated :3
  3. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    Interestingly I tried your config again and it does give me a black screen (no signal) however everything else seems to be working (audio, mouse, etc).
  4. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    I installed clover on my HDD instead of USB so I didn't copy the config you gave me. I have unticked inject Nvidia but it still gives black screen :/ Will using the config you gave me will fix this problem?
  5. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    Hey there this is my clover folder can you please look at it and fix my graphics problem(display gives no signal if Nvidia web drivers are enabled in clover boot options so I have to temporarily use nv_disable=1). Thanks CLOVER.zip
  6. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    I got ethernet working and installed Nvidia web drivers but I can't boot with it it gives no signal and then restarts so I have to use nv_disable=1. Also which kext should I use for audio? EDIT: Got sound working as well just need to fix graphics now.
  7. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    Thabks for your help. Resetting the bios and using your custom config.plist,nv_disable=1 did the job for me. Now what should I do post installlation provided it goes smoothly xD
  8. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    Here is the patched clover. :3 CLOVER.rar
  9. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    Tried this and still the same error :/ Ok will try this
  10. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    Here it is, I am using the newest one r4700. CLOVER.rar
  11. stillsaad8

    Can't get to installer ;/

    Hi, I am trying to install Sierra on a pc with these specs; Dell Optiplex 755 Core 2 Quad Q9400 GT 430 8 GB RAM I created bootable USB using many methods like #####, olarila guide, vanilla installer using terminal, Install disk creator using boot args: -v,nv_disable=1 but all of them give me the same error ++++++++++ and then just restarts on booting usb installer :/ Any fix???