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  1. Samsung R700 Laptop

    hi i installed ideneb v1.3 on my samsung r700 t9300 dillen. the internal display was black but with an external display it is ok. wlan does not working and the brightness keys. for lan you have to change some values in the yukon.kext. (i don´t know the right name of the yukon.kext) ciao
  2. i have the same problem, too. samsung r700 8600 m gt 256
  3. laptopdisplay don't work

    ma laptop is running with nvkush and the driver is enabled. i tested all nvidia drivers from the ideneb dvd. the drivers works, but my display is black :-(
  4. laptopdisplay don't work

    i installed macosx very often.(min 20x) i can select nvinject , nvinjectgo, nvkush. which driver do you use? i think i have the correct driver. i think that osx detect the display as unknown..? do you use a laptop, too?
  5. laptopdisplay don't work

    hi, sorry for my bad english.. i have a problem with my laptop. i installed ideneb v4i and my internal display is black. it works with a external monitor (vga, hdmi). i testet nvinject and nvkush.. i read a long time in the net bur i did't found anything to solve my problem. i didn't found nvcap to edit them. i hope someone can help me. i have a samsung r700 t9300 dillen nvidia 8600 m gt 256 greets sammo