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  1. ADD2-N Card

    I've managed to solve the no-boot problem, at least on Intel D915x boards. For me, I simply updated the BIOS to the latest version from support.intel.com. The system now boots correctly not only with the 20" display attached, but also primarily from the 20" display.
  2. ADD2-N Card

    I'm having a similar problem. With the ADD2-N card, if I have a monitor plugged in at boot time, the system won't start. However, if I leave my 20" Cinema Display unplugged, startup using a VGA based monitor, then plug the Cinema Display back in when OS X finally begins loading, I can switch monitors. Once I figure out how to fix the startup problems, I'll be sure to have an answer. For now, just try doing what I suggested. For reference, my board is an Intel D915GAVL. It uses the i915G chipset, as far as I'm aware. The ADD2-N card is an ASUS supplied one, but is also a Silicon Image one.