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  1. i generated the ssdt the output from the AppleIntelInfo.kext is in the Spoiler i can see that it reaches its maximum power I have the i7-2620 inside the bios is a modded bios with the advanced features the Test with dvd Player Shows that everythin is supported Full gpu acceleration:)
  2. I didnt generated it Right now.. i have weird Problems that if i minimize Safari or any other App the whole os freezes.. if Happens when the Animation comes if you minimize an App... i have attached an Screen off how it Looks if it freezes the whole os...
  3. Thank you @Hervé I just set the dual link to 1 and it worked like a charm iam really thank you ... I think I should get more ram on to this thinkpad it laggs with 4gb ram
  4. Hi guys this is my First Topic here at insanelymac im from Germany and my english is Not so good, have mercy guys The hardware specs: thinkpad T520 intelhd3000 4gb ram ssd265gb i have succesfully installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on to my T520. But there is a problem with the resolution from it. It’s totally stretched out and pink over the whole screen. If I make a screenshot and view it on my other pc it looks normal like it should be... i already tried to set the fakeid and if I do that I’m only getting 3mb vram and a Resolution with 1024x786 ... i dont really now what the problem is looking to fix it since 3 days .. i uploaded some pictures for you guys ...