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  1. Hi Guys, i have the same mobo and have sleep/restart issues on Mojave with My build, all the other problems seem to be fixed. I tried the fix shut down and messed up with Darkwake settings without success. did any of you got the same problem and if so how did you fix it ? Thanks !
  2. Ok, thanks for your input >Alejandro. In this case I'll use it in my windows session and will stick with my Motu for the mac session Thanks!
  3. Great! Thank you very much! Would love to have all the inputs back but if I can just use it for main output at the start and have the firewire port working it is really going to do me fine Thanks!!
  4. Wow guys, all this sounds amazing. I am making my first hackintosh build and wanted to integrate my good old EMU1820M. Do you think your driver is going to help me to achieve this? This would be simply amazing! If you think so I'll be happy to do any test you want and report on this page. Let me know!! Thanks