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  1. So number 1, just got banned on tonymac again because I asked this same question. Wth? I have an AMD FX-8350 and an MSI 970 Gaming. I can get it to the installer and do all that, but then I can't boot it.... What the hell.
  2. Scath

    Clover Config

    Confused here on that but I am not proposing, just asking if compatible. Hackintosh has been around a while so I wanted to know, I may as well buy a new motherboard with my i7-6800k setup? It's a pain to buy all new parts and upgrade when parts currently work fine
  3. Scath

    Clover Config

    Gigabyte x99 Ultra Gaming - Not on the list?
  4. Scath

    New Member - Tons of Problems (lol)

    Appreciate it, I'll take a look. About to try Yosemite now >_>
  5. Hey All! So I just have sh** luck lol I try and try and try. Is my hardware {censored}? Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming Rev 1.0 i7 6800k w/corsair liquid cooler 32GB GSkill Trident Ram GTX 1060 Gaming 6GB 2 23" HP 23es monitors Sandisk SSD 500GB Ultra 2 other regular HDD both blank and ready to go lol Nothing I do works. I can never get installers to boot. Not from other places like Niresh and literally no others. Oh and I only have two WINDOWS MACHINES TO WORK WITH.
  6. I have a Gigabyte x99 Ulta Gaming with gtx 1060 6gb gfx and 6800k i7. What am I to do? Nothing boots no matter what boot args I use or files i've tried
  7. Someone help me out here. I can't get this to install any version of Mac. HARDWARE Gigabyte X99 Ultra CF gtx 1060 6gb by MSI i7-6800k BIOS Load Optimized Defaults XMP Profile1 Other OS set Legacy Set where needed I keep seeing people share clover files. I ONLY HAVE A WINDOWS LAPTOP to work off, and my desktop is currently DOWN. Need some help here guys.