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  1. solved it using @MaLd0n clover folder and a USB drive made with the patcher http://dosdude1.com/mojave/ didn't actually apply a patch, ahha
  2. Povo! tudo bem? Eu to tendo uns probleminhas com o mojave, mas acho que ta QUASE. meu topico com mais detalhes: Olha a imagem do erro. Acontece depois que eu booto no sistema. Vou tentar o patcher http://dosdude1.com/mojave/ hoje, e talvez seja uma parada de escolher um modelo diferente de mac na config.plist? Oq vcs acham? Patcher e CLOVER folder do @MaLd0n resolveu
  3. thanks @C.Frio I think the reboot at 2 min is normal, right? the problem is that install doesn't continue after I boot mac into it. I'm recreating the USB installer using the patcher, but it said my machine is supported. You think this could be a SMBIOS issue? maybe I need to put another mac model on my config.plist? I think I customized it.
  4. Hi MaLd0n!! Thanks for the guide so much! I'm almost installing sucessfully, could you PLEASE take a look at my topic? I'm sure it's something simple.
  5. Hi guys. Just wanted to say this is my new favorite forum for mac hacks I'm trying to get mojave to work, and using the guide's (moderator made, on the front page) clover folder I ALMOST got it! T.T There's something still wrong tho. lol. - Install to a HDD formated as case-sensitive APFS goes black at 2 minutes remaining. Is it supposed to fill the progress bar 100%? If so then I have a problem. - Assuming the install went well, I tried to boot to "MacOS Prebooter" from clover screen and got that error. I have a Z170m ASUS, awesome board. I'm sure it can be done. With Intel 6700k. Latest clover. Guide's clover config!! What do you guys think? - mobo config problem - other hardware thing (I have many harddrives connected?) - clover config - need some driver/kext - something else THANK YOU! PS: I've tried upgrading with the App store download on a Sierra system to arrive in the same screen, with the same error. I'll also spend some time today searching the forums. Just busy atm, and thanks for any help or tips!!
  6. I have a similar problem, but I don't see any error message. The installer just goes black at two minutes. I thought that was intended. Or is it supposed to run until 100% and only then reboot?