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  1. Hello! I want install Hackintosh on my hardware Motherboard: Gigabyte B360M-HD3 CPU: I3-8100 GPU: Intel HD630 Anyone has had experience installing on this hardware? Is there a guide? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello all!) When booting from clover from a USB drive, I get a USB error stream. Mojave is already installed, despite the error. All USB work (both usb 2 and usb3). The system boots up but still stream USB errors . There's a card reader, but I turned it off in the BIOS. Errors: AppleUSBEHCIPCI@800000000: AppleUSBEHCI : : WaitForPeriodSchedule: USBCMD (0x00010b11) and USBSTS (0x00000000) AppleUSBEHCIPCI@800000000: AppeUSBHostController : : hardwareExceptionThreadCallGated: 0x00000004 AppleUSBEHCIPCI@800000000: AppeUSBHostController : : hardwareExceptionThreadCallGated: attempting recovery In ioreg: Can i disable this device with Clover config? Maybe replace class-code? Could it be a name conflict? Limit? Thanks in advance for your help! Config - https://pastebin.com/SvDbztE6 Hardware: ACER Veriton Z4640G: Mac OS X 10.14; Clover; CPU: Intel Core i3-6100; GPU: Intel HD Graphics 530 Kexts: -FakeSMC -USBInjectAll -Lilu -Whatevergreen -SATA-100-series-unsupported -Realtek8111 In attachments my EFI and IOREG Any ideas friends? Thank you! EFI.zip iMac — ignn.ioreg
  3. ignn

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hello dears! Help with solving the problem please! I have RTL8111. Kext from Rehab leads to panic. Kext from Mieze works, but: After the computer restarts, the adapter disappears from the system, is missing from the system information, and therefore there is no network. That most strange! In Windows he, too, disappear! That is, in fact as if there is no network adapter. But the link indicator is lit)) When i reset Bios to default and setting him again - the adapter appears again. Any ideas friends Thanks in advance! Hardware: ACER Veriton Z4640G: Mac OS X 10.14; Clover; CPU: Intel Core i3-6100; GPU: Intel HD Graphics 530 438831_438765_myhackreg.zip
  4. Hello! who has already installed Mojave on Z4640G or I3-6100/Intel HD530? Is there a forum guide for installation on such hardware? Create USB using BDU. But I do not know how to make config.plist and which kests is needed I get error AppleUSBController and AppleUSBEHCI Thank you advance