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  1. Powermac G4 Dual 450 mhz 512mb/30gb/dvd/zip 450mhz

    If you would be interested in a trade For a Pentium 4 Hyper-Threaded Prescott 3.2Ghz, 800mhz fsb Asus P4P-800se, SATA, GigaBit ethernet, Firewire 400, AGP, SATA Raid 1Gb Kingston DDR400 Silver ThermalTake Tsunami Dream Case ATI Radeon 9550 128mb AGP Email me uncledubie@hotmail.com
  2. [SELL] OSX ready Desktop

    Seiling a desktop computer for reasonable price CPU - P4 Hyper Threaded prescott 3.2 ghz RAM - 1GB Kingston MOBO- ASUS P4P800E Deluxe (OSX compatible with no drivers except the 8001 marvel driver for LAN) VIDEO - Radeon 9550 (Works with ATIRadeon9700.kext and Callisto) HD - 250GB Western Digital Storage drive and 32GB 10000RPM Raptor WD Boot drive CASE - ThermalTake Tsunami Dream Silver Reason for selling... Need money for school and just bought macbook Note: THIS WILL RUN ANY JAS OSX, HOWEVER THIS WILL NOT BE INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE Asking price is $400CAD O.B.O email uncledubie@hotmail.com
  3. 10.4.8 server update - Now Available

    I run 10.4.7 server on sse3 send it over
  4. Leopard and Hackintosh

    Its not as if we dont have the code, we have the 10.4.7 source and althoguh it does not include power managment, other sources do so merging them is just a task of linking and replacing files and its not as if Apple will ignore the mach's licence, unless they abandone it and close it off then there is still a fighiting chance for leopard. -riffer
  5. 10.4.7 Server Success

    having trouble with the serialbox serial both of them any ideas?
  6. Reese4v3 is what my terminal says

    Reese4v3 is you hostname to change it so a sudo hostname WHATEVERHOSTNAME YOU WANT enter your password and done
  7. iPod 6th Gen?

    my best look at this gives me these conclusions 1. pixel density is consistant (that poster exists somewhere) its incredably hard to fake that 2. lighiting seams right 3. maby apple is going to be able to play some sort of disk.... like a PSP?
  8. How do I load a kext using etc/rc?

    kexts dont neet to be loaded this way kexts are stored in kextcaches, if the kext has a valid device to attach to then the kernel caches it. so a kextload would be initiated before reboot then remove /system/library/extensions.mkext and /system/library/extensions.kextcache and reboot. your kext shouild be loaded on boot also im not sure if the rc scripts can load kexts, i think the kextcache program needs to be run in userland and not before a multiuser boot
  9. Anyway to run BootCamp on a non-apple pc?

    theres no point to installing boot camp on anythning other than a mac because it allows other systems to be booted on a mac.. PC'S ALEARDY BOOT THOSE SYSTEMS IF YOU THINK PUTTING BOOTCAMP ON A PC IS AN IDEA, YOU NEED TO LEARN BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS
  10. Demonoid Invite

    Demoniod accounts are open
  11. osx server 10.4.7 combo update

    Ive actucally done extensive work on this it actucally is a universal binary but the update is only ment for PPC so it dosent have the same boot process and dosent have rosetta, i was unable to use this update to make a hackintosh into a server. apple xserver help informed me that intel server is only rolled into their new dvd and will require purchase, however, it appears that PPC serials will work on it. Riffer
  12. Im lookin for anyone with a working tiger server ppc for a special project that will help everyone all i need is persons wiht tiger serve to contact me at uncledubie@hotmail.com thank you all Nick
  13. Boot Camp?

    No, the boot camp software can not be installed on anything but an Intel based Mac.. Because.. The Boot Camp software has little to do with Mac OS X itself and has more to do with the machine its on. Boot camp is what is known as EFI code, it is a software link between your OS and your hardware, it replaces the BIOS and in Boot Camp's example it actucally emulates a BIOS for windows to use. Attempting to install the Boot Camp EFI code into an existing EFI motherboard will cause that motherboard to be unusable... please do not attempt it. Options to consider are using your motherboards boot device selector or a good software boot selector. How ever the latter can be a little tricky to set up. Riffer
  14. Windows-OSx86 Time Discepancy

    it has to do with the different way that UNIX (mac os x) and winodws use the BIOS clock Unix (including MacOS) sets the BIOS clock to grenetch mean time and calculated the tiem out of it windows uses a more pirmative way of seting the BIOS clock to local time ergo you would see it different on different systems however if you set your mac time zone to gmt then youll be fine
  15. OS X LiveDVD Development Thread

    I actucally did some work with this trying to do the same thing back with 8f1111 i found that the rc script didnt need to be edited but it was the rc.cdrom that if edited would doo nicely heres the thing, ive found that i could get a mac os boot from HD without read/write access if i make a skel folder with my kernel and kernel linking files (mach.sym, mach) and on boot copy it to a ramdrive that is mounted as root. create partitions for /System /Library /Applications /Users and mount the as folders in the root ram drive. the only problem with this was that i was unable to make this boot from dvd anyways i hope this helps something if you need any help (uncledubie@hotmail.com) Nick