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  1. Hey Guys, I have a weird Problem on my Hackintosh Build My Specs are: Asus Maximus Hero VIII on newest Driver i7 6700k 1080 GTX Asus Strix 16 gb of DDR4 Ram I managed to install sucessfully High Sierra on this Specs. For now i think everything else is working but one thing doesn't. Screen off dont work First hibernation also wont work correctly but fixed it kind of with darkwake=3. So now hibernation works and Screensaver, but the function to turn off my screen after some time (e.g 3min in the Energy Settings) dont work, my hackintosh is going in hibernate Modus instead. Maybe someone can help me. EFI Clover zip: https://aster-cloud.de/nextcloud/index.php/s/TjXg3qs2ydRTmS9