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  1. Hey I have a problem I can't have Handoff working without checking FixUSB on clover but if I check FixUSB I can't use my Elitebook without charging it's he need be connected. Do you ever see that and have a solution ?
  2. I everyone I have a problem with my Hackintosh I can only boot 50% of the time with the HD 520. If I boot with a fakepciid I can boot all the time. So I think I have a problem with the graphics card boot but I don’t know why. You can show what going on when it’s not working with this video. And when it’s working it’s doing the same but the screen didn’t go off 0B9D063F-9B95-4029-918A-93812BD985EC.MOV
  3. Hi i would like to know if i could use handoff if i install this combo : - BCM943224PCIEBT2 Card To NGFF(M.2) Key A/E Adapter - MacBook Air 13 A1369 11 A1370 WiFi Bluetooth Air Port Card or if someone know a wifi / bluetooth card for a elitebook 840 g3 would perfectly work and could have handoff ?