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  1. hp dv6000t laptop

    i know it is an old thread and im not on here much. but i thought that i would say that it IS in fact possible to use the information gathered from this thread to update the bios of an AMD based notebook. tested on a dv6436nr and dv6105us. both used the same bios file in fact. also these laptops have SUPPORT for the pheonix crisis recovery disk. but it is DISABLED in the bios. so if you are going to do any playing i would ENABLE it in a clean unmolested (hexedited) bios and flash it to the laptop. then use that as the base for changing wireless cards in the table. also use the newest phoenix bios editor you can find. worked for me. at first i tried an older version ( i think) and it didn't support a table. well i was brave and tried anyway, and it ended badly. anyways thanx, and though im not around much this forum is very helpful for stuff like this. and as helpfull to windows and linux users as osx users.
  2. Favourite Linux/UNIX distro

    and i will come out of hiding to add a vote for debian. then Elive then symphony os.
  3. lots of goodies for my heroes

    also incase yur worried you can check my ebay feedback user Zedicus00 , and i hav a business paypal account so if u need to pay with a credit card thas fine... as you can see by my join date i have been around here a while, just been in the shadows. thanx
  4. i dont post much but im a major lerker around these parts, anyways a came across an exceptional deal on some mainboards that i think are fairly compatible with osx86 and since this forum has helped me out so much i figured i would offer them up to you all first. ive got about 10 DQ965GF Desktop Boards for use with the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Supports Intel vPro Technology MicroATX Form Factor Support for Dual-Channel DDR2 800 SDRAM 1 pcie x16 slot 1 pcie x1 slot 2pci slots on board sound, sata, usb 2, and video. prety featur rich for a matx board. also i hav about 10 250w matx psu's, not a gaming psu but good for a small system. combo deal, 1 board and one psu (thes are used but nnot very used) 50$ shipped to any where in the continental u.s.a. again thanx guys, i will check up here fairly often for a week or so. pm me if u need mty paypal adress or street adress to send money.