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  1. Part A) Extract HFS+ Partition from retail dvd. The retail dvd contains partitions a boot camp partition among other things. We only want the HFS+ partition. 1. Insert the disk and open disk utility 2. If you are using an actual disk, In the left sidebar, click "Mac OS X Install DVD" right under the name of your dvd drive. 3. If you have a retail disk image, mount it and click "Mac OS X Install DVD" in the left sidebar, under the name of the disk image. 4. From the top icons, select new image. 5. Save as a "read/write" image. Part C1) If you want to create a Single Layer DVD. *note* – a single layer dvd will take significantly longer to boot than a dual layer one. 1. Mount your Leopard image if it is not already mounted. 2. In Finder, navigate to your mounted image, and delete the following files/folders: o /Optional Installs/Xcode Tools/ o /System/Installation/Packages/X11user.pkg 2a. In /System/Installation/Packages, delete all files that are the name of a language, as well as any that are printer drivers. 3. Empty the Trash. 4. Open Disk Utility. Create a new image with these options: - Volume Name: Mac OS X Install DVD - Volume Size: 4.14GB (custom) - Volume Format: Mac OS Extended - Encryption: None - Partitions: No partition map - Image Format: read/write disk image 5. Unmount the newly created image. 6. Open Carbon Copy Cloner. 7. Under source, choose the mounted leopard dvd. 8. Under target, choose your newly created image. 9. Cloning options: Backup everything 10. Press Clone and type your password at the prompt. 11. Unmount your original leopard image. Part E) Creating the final disk image 1. Open Toast Titanium 2. Click the "Copy" Tab 3. Select Disc Image Merge 4. For "Select ISO Image…" open new.iso from your desktop 5. For "Select Mac Image…" open your modified leopard image. 6. Save as disk image. 7. Burn your newly created image! Many txs for your guide but I don't know how to burn dvd after saving the disk image? I failed several times. It makes me mad.