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  1. Pimp my Pismo

    So I have an old PowerBook G3 Pismo, but I don't know the exact specs of it, as it is not at my current house where I am living. I was wondering if I could fix it up, like some other board members, and install 10.4 Tiger on it. Or, if I could just use the Pismo as a case and replace the logic board, RAM, processor, etc. Is that even possible? I don't know much about laptops, only PCs. Any comments would be great!
  2. One Computer, Two Rooms?

    Hey everyone, This is my first post in a while, and I have researched all over the site and others, but to no avail. I am trying to set up my hackintosh in one room, but have it connected to monitors in two different rooms. Both monitors (one is a TV) support D-Sub (or VGA??), but my video card (GeForce 7300 GT 256 MB) only has one D-Sub/VGA output, and one DVI output. I do not want to have both monitors operational at the same time, just to be able to switch between rooms and still be able to use a single computer. Now, how can I do this? Can I split the D-Sub between the two? Or could I just get a DVI to D-Sub/VGA adapter and have two separate cables running? Thanks! Berkekibris P.S. I have 3Ghz single core and 2 GB RAM if that helps...
  3. Hey everyone. I recently built a hackintosh, and my iPod classic wont connect. All other USB devices will work (HD, keyboard, mouse, etc.) in all ports, but not the classic. WHen plugged into the keyboard, it informs me that it does not have enough power to use it, so it registers on some level. Disk Utility, iTunes, and iSync can not find it. My PowerBook can find it, and when the Hackintosh and PowerBook are networked, and file sharing is used, the Hackintosh can see the iPod on the desktop, and edit the files, but not put music on it. ANy advice would be great. Berkekibris