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  1. Hi. I'm back again in the hackintosh world after having my laptop working fine with El Capitan for the last year. It wasn't easy, but after many, many tries it finally worked. Now I want to update to sierra. I saw the post to update, and it looked simple, so I began the task. It said that I had to update clover and follow the install and that was it. I did it and everything went fine until I was back in the clover bootloader screen with the start from install option. In the tutorial it said that I had to boot without caches; this was the first issue. There's no option to do this in this new clover version. So every time I try to boot into this option it shows the apple a few seconds and then restarts, and some times it has been stuck in the apple logo with the bar in something like 10%. When I try verbose mode it shows the screen a few seconds and then it restarts. I was able to finally get a picture of this because is so quick it was a hard mission to get that photo. I hope some one can guide me in the right direction. If I click in the El Capitan icon it loads and works as usual. Don't know what to do at this point. I did copy al the pertinent kexts, dsdt, .info file, etc. My laptop is a Lenovo u410, i5. Thanks in advance and hopefully Sierra will be working soon with all your help. Greetings from Colombia, and please excuse any mistakes in my english.