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  1. Thank you, Gymnae. I was able to install after updating to the newest BIOS. Then I got stuck for a while trying to boot from the SSD but I eventually figured out. Now I'm stuck trying to make it recognize my i5 8600k. That is my current kexts folder: I have tried to use 18,1, 18,2 and 18,3 SMBIOS. Tried to use 0x59120000 or 0x59120003 with no luck for iGPU too.
  2. Help! I'm having trouble with the installation. I've followed all the steps exactly as described more than once and I'm getting stuck after clover every time. I'm running a i5 8600 with the Gigabyte H370 HD3 (Rev. 1.0) (planing to use iGPU). I've attached my EFI and a photo of where I'm stuck. Also I'm running the F2 bios with the profile provided. EFI.zip