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  1. i've had this idea of putting together a media center for my TV for months. I was inspired by a tutorial on Instructables (http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Nintendo-NES-PC/) about building a NES PC. Here are my pictures of the rig with the Zotac Ion running 10.6.2. thanks to eugene2k.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Install of SL, 10.6.2 update and Chameleon work fine but I'm just running into one problem. I can't seem to move/copy the "boot" and/or the "mach_kernel" files into the dir (Volumes/VolName). Says I can't move the boot or mach_kernel file because they are invisible. The computer that i'm using to install everything with is a Macbook Pro running 10.5.8. Does it have to be on SL as well? Hope someone can help out. Thanks. EDIT: OK. Nevermind. Figured it out. I set show hidden files in Terminal and then deleted to boot and mach_kernel files and then moved them into to volumes/volName directory. can't just drag and drop.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to find a way where I can have an option to boot into either a OSX hard drive or a Windows hard drive without having to go into the BIOS to choose a hard drive to boot from. Is there a way so I can have this kind of option or does it exist. It doesn't matter if it's GUI or not. I don't care. All I want is when I boot my computer, at start up it asks me if which hard drive to boot into. I have a hard drive with Windows 7 installed and another hard drive with OSX on it. I've searched the forums and I've found different ways like Cameleon 2.0 and Boot Think but they both need you to put the bootfile on a MBR on a partition on one of the drives. Also these methods are overly complicated which lack a guide for light amateurs like me. Yes "noob" is I. Yes, roll those eyes. Anyhoo, any help or info would be much appreciated. Thank you.