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    Random Freeze

    Hi, I successfully installed Mojave via clean install method. All function working fine except two thing 1) random freeze 2) sleep problem. I still can tolerate with sleep problem by disable pc sleep option, however for random freeze, it really annoying. When the pc got freeze, all stuck and SATA LED constantly on until i have to restart my pc. Any solution? My PC Spec: Gigabyte H61n-USB3 Intel i3-3225 8GB DDR3 RAM GT 710 1GB DDR3
  2. qas

    Random Freeze

    here attached my clover folder.. i dont have any add on kext in S?L?E. Add on kext only in kext folder in clover folder. CLOVER.zip
  3. hi guys.. I'm newbie in hackintosh..successfully do the hackintosh on my optiplex 780 core 2 quad using this thread instruction. thank you to that. however I have some issue 1) my onboard (internal) speaker not detect in sound preferences. only have headphone & line detected. I have apply applealc & lilu kext from this post..also applehda kext into S/L/E but still, not detecting my internal speaker.. any solution? 2) I'm using usb wifi TLW823N which is working out of the box by using manufacturer driver. However, sometimes it drop or disconnected. I have to restart/shutdown my pc first before wifi working again. Any solution?