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  1. Hi all, I've managed to install High Sierra and Mojave on my Aero 15X V8, and I just want to share with you. And, if possible, get help for things that are still not working. Please note that I made my Hackintosh DSDT patchLESS (yay!) to keep the system as clean as possible, and as much as compatible with other systems (your fancy Aero Laptop ;-)). I wanted to do it as much as compatible with other Aero 15Xs as possible. Thus, mostly you just need to copy and paste SSDT amls, tweak the configs, and install some kexts. I will always try to make this very minimal, please let me know if there's anything that is unnecessary with my configs, kexts, DSDT/SSDT patches. I will always be doing minor tweaks (on the repo mostly, but will update here if needed). Thanks a lot for the forum in general. Got many helpful info here. For now I'll not add much installation info here, so I'll be sharing only quick summary and the repo that I created for us: https://github.com/zacmks/Hackintosh-Aero-15X Which contains: Patches used (USB ports/PM/backlight/battery indicator, etc..) Config (Intel/Nvidia) Kexts If anyone finds any issues on what I've done, please correct me. Thanks a lot! What's working CPU/IGPU Power Management Battery indicator Touchpad Ethernet card WiFi + Bluetooth Sound (internal speakers + mic jack on/off) Intel graphics card Built-in display backlight All USB ports (2.0 + 3.0); USB PM Card Reader (USB 3.0) HD Camera (USB 2.0) Keyboard (USB 2.0) Bluetooth (Internal 2.0) Nvidia graphics card - NOT on Mojave, since there's no Nvidia Web Drivers Shutdown/Sleep/Restart Saving/Restoring screen brightness on reboot Replaced parts: Intel WiFi replaced with Broadcom BCM94352Z (But, Dell DW1830/BCM43602 seems to be a better option [it does not have the interruption freeze for Windows users]) Not working/Known issues Black screen on boot (stays dark for a few minutes, this is a known issue for Coffee Lake laptops) Need to add keyboard backlight control (volume controls working) Thunderbolt hot-plug (I do have a workaround with unlocked BIOS + SSDT, to be released) 1- Before we start/info/requirements Please note that this will be a post-install thread for High Sierra [17G2208] and further versions, with Coffee Lake support. For the installation, you can use most of the installations guides on the internet (feel free to use my EFI folder setup, it does work good most of the time). The installed Toshiba NVMe ssd needs to be formatted to 4k sectors, there are plenty of ways of doing this - Windows/Linux, etc. Please note that when you change the physical block sectors of your SSD, it will erase all your data. So please make sure that you make a backup of all your important data. 2- Let's do it 2.1- Install your MacOS High Sierra/Mojave on your laptop 2.2- Copy and replace your CLOVER folder with latest EFI.zip release from https://github.com/zacmks/Hackintosh-Aero-15X/releases 2.3- Reinstall latest clover with proper drivers (check the efi clover drivers used on the replaced CLOVER folder) and install rc scripts. OR just copy the rc scripts - This is just to save/restore nvram 2.4- Reinstall the kexts on your /Library/Extensions folder and re-generate the kernel cache 2.5- Enjoy! Also, update your SMBIOS with proper ids Screenshots: How to help: This thread You can fork, create a PR on the following repo. Suggestions are appreciated: https://github.com/zacmks/Hackintosh-Aero-15X (Please keep the directory structure) [WIP] Will add more info in the patches that I did