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  1. Hi Doc, I'm using a combo of the patched Airport kext, with Lilu and the ath9k/Inject/Fixup kexts installed in Clover / Other and then using the -ath9485 boot param in config. No DSDT patches in relation to that AFAIK, but where I've had help from other people over the last month, a patch might have snuck in there but probably unlikely. Would really like to crank the speed up so I'm curious as to why you're getting better transfer speeds and I'm not, perhaps it's where I am using the arth9k stuff that is actually causing the speed issues? Might try disabling that to see if that does indeed work.
  2. I have a Dell DW1703 which has the AR9485 and oddly whilst in general I only see a max Tx rate of 11Mbps when connected to all other routers I've tried so far, when I connect my home router (which is an old BT Home Hub 3.0) it's actually showing a Tx Rate of up to 72Mbps and comparatively the transfer speeds are faster (hitting 20-30Mbps from a 60-70Mbps connection) rather than the 1-5Mbps I would get when connected to other WiFi routers. Not sure why or what my hub is doing differently to get these increased speeds, but I thought I'd mention that it would appear the 11Mbps Tx 'limit' on the AR9485 can be broken somehow.
  3. amoxitine

    GUIDE: How to Fix Brightness hotkeys in DSDT

    Further to my last post, not sure why but by turning on the legacy boot option in the BIOS so that I could boot off the DVD drive seems to have activated the Fn + Cursor Up / Down brightness control keys when OSX has booted, albeit it doesn't show the brightness graphic (but Fn + F3 and Fn + Insert still work and show the graphic bar), so it's like I now have two brightness controls that are independent of each other!? Still haven't been able to generate the key codes, but thought I would add this development in case it has some significance.
  4. amoxitine

    GUIDE: How to Fix Brightness hotkeys in DSDT

    Hi there, Could someone help me with trying to remap my brightness control keys on my Dell Latitude E5430 Non v-Pro running Sierra 10.12.6? They are currently mapped to Fn + F3 (darken) and Fn + Insert (brighten) and would like to get them mapped to Fn + Cursor Down and Fn + Cursor Up respectively. I have tried to get ACPIDebug to work but just don't seem to get any kind of key codes to appear in system.log, despite ACPIDebug being loaded via /S/L/E (confirmed by Kext Wizard) and having patched my DSDT with these patched from RehabMan... Add DSDT Debug Method Instrument EC Queries Instrument GPE Events I've also tried VoodooPS2Control-R6 and another VoodooPS2Controller kext (which both get my trackpad working) inconjunction with the debugger but to no avail. I've attached my current DSDT and the two kexts I've tried in case I have missed something or those kexts are no good for the debugger. If you need any further info about my config please let me know. Cheers, VoodooPS2 Kexts.zip DSDT_amox.dsl.zip