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  1. Install goes fine, but when booting up I get the apple logo on a grey screen with the animated rotating circle. I started up in -s and -v mode and it always gets as far as: using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers It never gets past this. No errors or anything are reported. Any ideas? This is a Thinkpad T41. I had installed 10.4.4 on it a long time ago, but due to no 2200BG drivers I got rid of it. Now that there are some available I want to give OSX another go. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've searched around for a while and I can't find any solutions to this problem.
  2. Thanks Jas, you're the man. Update went smoothly for me other than it showing 0mhz for processor (no big deal). The main thing that's bugging me is when I'm in console, text editor, or even in the address bar of Firefox and I want to move the cursor via the left and right commands it's dog slow when holding it down. I'm not sure if this started with the 10.4.8 patch or 10.4.7 patch, because I did both today. I actually just installed OSX on my Thinkpad yesterday thanks to your 10.4.6 DVD iso.