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  1. If you mean getting the Clover menu to show on boot when timeout is at 0, I find holding down spacebar until the grey screen loads works every time.


    After further investigation I've found that this only works from a cold boot, during a system restart there is no way to access the boot loader.

  2. That happened to me when using the embedded theme or text mode.


    If that's the case, install any theme from the installer package and keep the timeout set to 0. It should work as expected.


    Slice already knows about this and is searching for a fix...

    That worked thanks :) However do you find that holding down any key works to bring up the GUI, or do you have to spam keys quickly in order to bring the menu up?

  3. Hi, I'm experiencing a problem with the Timeout setting set to 0, and selecting a default startup disk in OS X settings. Rather than booting automatically to this entry as the wiki suggests, Clover is just loading the gui and doing nothing (as would be expected from Timeout -1?). Clover is recognising the entry selected in OS X preferences as that entry is hilighted.


    Will appreciate your help and advice!

  4. BCM943228, not supported at this time.


    Edit 12/26/13.  I am wrong regarding BCM943228.  The NB110H/AR9462 is not supported at this time.


    Do you mean that the BCM4359 (BCM943228) is actually supported after all? If so how would I get it to work since I've tried kext injection, both SSDT and DSDT modification and kext editing to no avail. :/

  5. I don't think i need to mod my bios because it gets past the stage shown in the first post. Instead I get the still waiting for root device error. I have a PM45 mobo with a ICH9M southbridge which I believe is the cause of the problem. I am trying to install iDeneb v1.3 and in the release notes it says that the ICHx problem is fixed in this release. Please tell me what i am doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

  6. I have made many attempts to install this and just about everything I try fails. I have searched the forums and have found that this version of iDeneb should fix the still waiting for root device with ICH9 chipsets but so far I have not managed to get past the error. I have also tried the nForce patch in desperation with no success. Please help me ;)