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  1. Also update - I tried contacting Nvidia, they said to uninstall and then reinstall the 105 version, but I did that and even after resetting my PRAM it still gave me the black screen. Not sure what to do, they said they're working on a fix but until then I guess I'm stuck using the horrible built in GPU that MBP's come with?
  2. Newest update for 10.13.6 wrecked my 2014 MBP. Installed and now if I try to use any adobe programs it gives me a black screen and I have to hard reset the laptop to get anywhere. Had to uninstall webdriver completely and now I'm back to rendering with OpenCL again instead of CUDA. I'm terrible at using time machine on my laptop too so I don't have a recent backup to go back to - any help? Or do we just wait for Nvidia to come out with a fix?