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  1. I ended up reinstalling high Sierra and updating it again to Mojave. The only thing I noticed was that the first installation was stuck in "encrypting at 55%". I think FileVault was encrypting my drive (after the Mojave update) and something wrong happened ending up in clover not being able to see that drive. Once I finished my second installation and update, I made sure FileVault was turned off. This time everything has worked as expected. Running Mojave 10.14.2. I am using the previous kext from high Sierra for the atheros wifi interface. So far no issues.
  2. I think, at this point converting to hfs+ is out of the question, Apple has been pushing the apfs file policy very aggressively, so does anybody solved the missing "Boot macOS from Mojave " (this last word may be different). I have installed the latest clover in HDD and USB, but I can only see 3 Mac Os related tabs but not the one for actually loading the Mojabe mac OS. I updated high sierra to Mojave and everything went fine. My laptop (Dell E6530) booted up normally, Mojave system loaded up, I finished the setup and spent sometime exploring. I updated clover to the latest version and turned of machine. When I restarted, I noticed Clover did not have an option for booting into the system like High sierra had it. I tried adding the apfs.efi or the ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi driver to the clover efi folder in the HDD and also tried with a USB clover installation and the result is the same: No boot option for the Mojave OS. I used the recovery option and I was able to explore the partion where the system is located but that´s as far as I could go. Does anybody has an idea of what happened?
  3. Hi, could you elaborate a little bit more? "Solved the problem by copying the Clover folder (from where) to the EFI partition of the SSD", thank you