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  1. I've installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on an Asrock ZH77. The installation went through fine, I can boot into the system just fine via the copy of Clover that's on the USB stick I used to install the OS. I went to install Clover (r4568, the same version that's on the installation media) to the SSD. Installer goes through fine, no errors, I can mount and browse the EFI partition, nothing wrong that I can tell. At reboot, I have no UEFI entries for this drive. I have the standard AHCI entry (which doesn't work, obviously), and an entry named "Mac Os X", which does nothing– the machine will boot back into the bios screen with that option selected. If I disable the CSM option, I lose all legacy entries, being left only with "Mac Os X" which still does nothing more than getting me back into the bios. Booting from the USB installation media still works fine, it shows an UEFI entry, choosing that I can load Clover from the USB stick and boot off the SSD. What the hell did I do wrong?