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  1. Thanks - No point in raising a dispute then.. Should have done my research better Unfortunately my options now seem to be limited to a) Buying a m.2 A/E mini PCIE adapter + a PCIe- mini PCIe adapter b) Buying a PCIe adapter + a new card Makes me long for the simpler days of uniform connectors
  2. I ordered a DW1560 BCM94352 card from ebay for my Asus ROG Z370-G gaming motherboard which has two m.2 slots I am using the first slot for a nvme SSD and intended to use the second slot for this card When I received the card, it turns out that the notches are physically different from the port (see attached comparison with the m.2 SSD) I contacted the seller who asked me to send a photo of the motherboard slot (attached) Now the vendor is claiming that I need to contact Asus as the slots are only for SSD and not for Wifi although the motherboard clearly says the m.2 slot should work for PCI-e/SSD/IRST (my assumption being the DW1560 should be a PCI-e device) I am little surprised as I would have thought that m.2 slots differ in length but the connector side remains 22mm I guess my question is : a) Is the vendor trying to take me for a ride or does he have a valid point ? If m.2 wifi cards are indeed not meant to be compatible with regular m.2 slots then the failure is on my part for not having done my research properly .. If however he is making it up then I would rather open a dispute b) If the vendor is correct then is there any other choice that I have ? WHat kind of card should I order instead?