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  1. Hello @MSzturc Did you get FileVault working ? Thanks
  2. Thank you. Is your build plug and play ? Or do we have to make some extractions ? (there is no guide for open core)
  3. Hello You have deleted your build?
  4. Ok I found my problem. It was linked to EmuVariableUEFI.efi Thanks !
  5. Thank you for your help. I found the soft link, but it says that the file doesn't exist... Finally I found that the kext is in /System/Library/Extensions/IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/X86PlatformPlugin.kext/Contents/MacOS/X86PlatformPlugin I'm having a look at it. One more thing that I forget : brightness level is not saved when rebooting the computer, but NVRAM is working properly (when I launch Hackintool and change the brightness level I can see the value of brightness-level changes)
  6. Hello everybody ! First thanks @simprecicchiani for keeping working on the T460. In my case, I prefer to wait the latest release of macOS to update my T460. So I'm on Mojave latest release. According to your work @tluck and @simprecicchiani, I tried to make the latest Mojave package. This is what I did : - take your latest package @tluck (Clover UEFI r5107) - concerning kext : Remove ACPIBatteryManager and FakeSMC Replace them by : VirtualSMC SMCBatteryManager SMCLightSensor SMCProcessor SMCSuperIO Remove IntelMausiEthernet and replaced it by IntelMausi To summarize, here are my kexts : AirportBrcmFixup.kext AppleALC.kext BrcmFirmwareData.kext BrcmPatchRAM2.kext EFICheckDisabler.kext IntelMausi.kext Lilu.kext SMCBatteryManager.kext SMCLightSensor.kext SMCProcessor.kext SMCSuperIO.kext USBInjectAll.kext VirtualSMC.kext VoodooInput.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext WhateverGreen.kext X86PlatformPluginInjector.kext -> all that in C/K/O (according to several readings I put no more things in /S/L/E or /L/E) - concerning Clover's drivers : Remove SMCHelper.efi and replace it with VirtualSmc.efi Remove AptioMemoryFix.efi and replaced it with OcQuirks.efi, OcQuirks.plist and OpenRuntime.efi My drivers : ApfsDriverLoader.efi AudioDxe.efi DataHubDxe.efi EmuVariableUefi.efi FSInject.efi OcQuirks.efi OpenRuntime.efi OcQuirks.plist VirtualSmc.efi VBoxHfs.efi I have done a clean install of Mojave. I have two problems : each time I start it I have a message saying that my computer restarted due to a problem : panic(cpu 1 caller 0xffffff7f9599eaa3): assertmsg@/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/GPUDriversIntel/GPUDriversIntel-12.10.12/Common/IONDRV/Intel/SKL/AppleIntelFramebuffer/AppleIntelController.cpp:26815 And it seemed that I have a problem with X86PlatformPluginInjector.kext. If I copy kexts to /S/L/E and sudo kextcache -i / : Rejecting invalid/inauthentic kext for bundle id com.apple.driver.X86PlatformPlugin at location file:///System/Library/Extensions/X86PlatformPluginInjector.kext/. Kext rejected due to improper filesystem permissions: <OSKext 0x7fd0003d4e00 [0x7fffa916c8e0]> { URL = "file:///System/Library/Extensions/X86PlatformPluginInjector.kext/", ID = "com.apple.driver.X86PlatformPlugin" } Does someone have an idea ? Thanks !
  7. Interesting. I have noticed : - for Clover : He removed FakeSMC and ACPIBatteryManager and replaced them by VirtualSMC - for Open Core : He followed this guide : https://khronokernel.github.io/Opencore-Vanilla-Desktop-Guide/ with helps of https://github.com/daliansky/OC-little and https://github.com/corpnewt Then an interesting post on wireless cards : https://khronokernel-7.gitbook.io/wireless-buyers-guide/
  8. So you mean that in the latest release what you've done is already implemented ? In my case, with Mojave, I read that : BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext (2.5.0) : we don't have to use it BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext (2.5.0) : ok BrcmPatchRAM3.kext (2.5.0) : we have to use the BrcmPatchRAM2 instead of the BrcmPatchRAM3 Do you confirm it ? For AirportBrcmFixup.kext, I manage to get it with Hackintool thank you. And thank you too for your answers on display override and backlight injector.
  9. ok thanks. Concerning BRCM kexts, do you know the difference added to the kexts ?
  10. Hello @kolodzieski, How do you maintain bcrm kexts (we are now with the 2.5.1 version) ? I'm talking about BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext as I'm still on the latest version of Mojave. For @tluck : you can remove FakePCIID.kext (1.3.6) FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext (1.3.6) And replace them by AirportBrcmFixup.kext in your next release. And what about DisplayOverride folder and skylakeFB_patch and skylakeFB_unpatch commands ? Are they still needed ? Do we still need this step : For 10.12.4+: Create a custom AppleBackLightInjector kext ? Thank you to all.
  11. Oh I wanted to update next week. I’m usine the latest release of Mojave, everything is ok for it ?
  12. @tluck: can you update the package at least one time ? Thank you
  13. Hello @tluck : yes can you tell us how hard it would be ? Thanks
  14. Thanks. One more question : to add in the tluck's release the latest Clover package, I thought that I only needed to update it in the Utilities folder. But in fact it's not the case. How do you do ?