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  1. Yes, I know, but I will not use this as a daily driver. Just for fun, see where it goes.
  2. Hello, I am here because I have recently downloaded iATKOS S3, and it appears I am able to boot it through DVD on my fairly new Acer Aspire ES-17 ES1-731 with an Intel Celeron N3150 1.6 GHz 4 core processor and 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB hard drive. Now, I know the consequences of Hackintosh on an Intel Celeron such as this one, but I just want to do something for fun. I have a little problem here though, my touchpad does not work. I have tried putting a mouse in through USB and that won't work either. I have tried USBBusFix=Yes and still nothing. I have heard you can find kexts for such a situation, maybe that would help. But I'm new in that field and I'm not sure where to start or how to even put them in the distro. I have had another situation when installing the same distro except on an HP Pavillion G6, but hard drive was not detected, everything else worked. So I'll need some help trying to find drivers for hard drive too, because I don't want any surprises. Please help, thank you, Have a great day.
  3. I am pretty much just getting started on Hackintosh, I have only done a Yosemite install on an ASUS and a Snow Leopard install on an MSI. I am trying to install High Sierra (to be exact, Niresh High Sierra) and it boots fine, but my mouse was too fast, when I typed, it went from Hello to HHHHHeeeeellllllllooooooo. And the sliding animation was not present when showing a message. It was instant. I looked everywhere on Google, and I couldn´t get a fix, and I thought, hey, I have gone to the forums before and I have gotten the right answers. So I went here thinking if someone knows what is wrong. Processor: Intel Celeron 2840, 2.16 GHZ RAM: 4GB Hard Drive: 500 GB