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  1. Quick question. I wanna get Wifi on my hackintosh and people have suggested a BCM94360CS2 wifi card and adapter. The motherboard i have is an asus b630I which can take m.2 socket 3, with M key 2242/2260/2280. The the only adapters i see for the wifi card is an NGFF A/E key. Can i still use this adapter?
  2. Hello Thanks for your response, i ended up doing a fresh install and it worked. But thanks for the reply!
  3. Im using a monitor with speakers and i was wondering if i could pull sound from my GPU into my monitor. I can only get sound when i plug my headphones in and i rather not do that all the time. Thanks in advance!!! Running High Sierra >I3 8100 >Asus ROG Strix b360I Gaming >8gb Ballistix 2400mhz >EVGA GTX 1060 3gb
  4. does this happen with your GPU and your IGPU? I would try and switch your hdmi cable or switch to a different video port first.
  5. I just my gpu working when i ran into the problem with shut down/restart. When i want to shut down the hackintosh the monitor is the only thing that actually shuts down. The tower continues to run. When it comes to restarting the it just freezes up. I end up having to shut down by holding the power button. Can someone please help me out, its driving me crazy. Thanks*solutions that didn't work was the >fixshutdown in the ACPI>I also tried ErP in the bios Thanks in advance!Asus b360I i3 8100GTX 1060 8gb ballistix config.plist>>>https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a00ycR2TaO-takP3wQfLmoTK3Qb0wzFB