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    SSD slow write speed

    Sure. My ticket is still open. Haven't heard any news. Doubt that Intel will replace my ssd. I'm sure that will say that drive operates well.
  2. Can anyone please help me ? I'm on High Sierra 10.13.6 and I need your help with clover folder. I mean dsdt , ssdt and also whatever modification/optimisation for kexts and config.plist. Things to resolve so far (but feel free to change whatever you think is for the best for my system) : 1) Sound through headphones is distorted. It sounds like coming from 2 different channel. I have to turn balance all the way to left or right to hear music. 2) No HDMI audio 3) No brightness control 4) I'm not sure if cpu/gpu power management is proper for my laptop 5) Everything you think .... Thank you in advance for your work and time spent , waiting to get my proper hackintosh machine done. Send me MacBook-Pro.zip