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  1. New MacBook Pro [PIC's]

    Why do you NEED blu-ray in a notebook? I can see having a blu-ray player for your television, or for a PC with a large display, because DVD and HD DVD would lose quality, but on something with a relatively small display HD DVD is more than good enough.
  2. Apple Legal can't be that busy

    Um, Apple Inc probably hadn't even been thought of during in 1968. :B
  3. Alternative approach to booting Win XP on Intel Macs

    There was really no need to necropost.
  4. New MacBook Pro [PIC's]

    But then again can't the glass on the iMacs be removed via magnets? Hopefully that is the case in this scenario as well.
  5. New MacBook Pro [PIC's]

    It's beautiful for sure, but I hope they provide an alternative version without the glass. Glass + light = glare = hell. >:
  6. No OSx86 distro I've tried would work on my Satellite A215 except for JaS 10.4, and judging by what I've read most other Satellite users have a lot of problems too.
  7. Apple Legal can't be that busy

    Um, no. It looks absolutely nothing like Apple's logo. There is no way people could mistake these two logos as being the same.
  8. New MacBook touch ?

    Same architecture. Same OS.
  9. The Apple clones of the 90's are irrelevant to what's going on now. Mac OS was still tied to non-Intel/AMD architecture, so it wasn't "mainstream". It's only options were to be installed on systems that were already less popular than the Macintosh lineup, so it was idiotic and pointless. Had they released it for Intel and AMD systems it may have been a different story.
  10. Definitely, though having a bs idealistic attitude may make them stronger in court. Are you an idiot? Everything seems to go over your head. I know what moderators do, but you are not one and need to stop playing rent-a-mod. That's not the point. If you want to be somebody who {censored} about somebody else being off-topic you should stay as strictly on-topic as possible, otherwise you're a hypocrite. You think your {censored}-statements are so witty, when in fact you miss the point of everything said. It's hilarious.
  11. There you go again, mouthing off as if you're a moderator. For the record, I don't care what OS X costs in other countries. This is a US issue with US prices.
  12. You've got things a bit backwards there. The iMac is not overpriced. Compare it to similar computers, you'll find that it is usually ~$400-800 less than the competition. The MacBooks are not overpriced. They tend to be $100 over those of opposing vendors. The MacBook Pros are hardly overpriced either. They're on par with Dell anyways. The MacBook Air is about the same price as similar-sized notebooks. The only overpriced Macs are the Mac Pro and Mac Mini. The Pro is usually about double or triple the price of a similarly specced PC, and the Mac Mini is just {censored} ridiculous.
  13. Sherlock wins the {censored}ting comp!
  14. This is hilarious. ...
  15. Psystar squirts its weak sauce...

    No it won't. This is x86, not Motorola. They have a huge base to wreak havoc on now and they're fools for not doing it imo.