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  1. alright, thanks for clearing that up, I'll hold off installing it from the usb till the final release then.
  2. ah' I've read that someone managed to do a vanilla install, but since another beta is coming soon, I'll wait it out.
  3. This is the issue I'm having.
  4. Yea, i got big sur running by installing it through vm, but i’d rather to a vanilla install and have complete ownership over the boot disk
  5. should I format the usb as GUID, macOS Extended?
  6. Mind me asking you you got to boot into the installer?, we got similar specs but when i use my current EFI to boot Big Sur, for the installation, it keeps telling me it's creating to many dead corpses.
  7. Very strange, what card are you using?
  8. Is the kext registered in the config file?
  9. EFI.rar You need to set the config file properly, You're missing config properties under "Kernel>Add" read about it on open core guide for your processor.
  10. it seems I can't download, could u tell me about your internet card/chip?
  11. Could you upload your current efi?
  12. What processor are you using, i can build the efi
  13. remove -lilubetaall flag if you're using that.
  14. that is a gpu problem, are you using IGPU or GPU?