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  1. LEOPARD Leo4all complete tutorial

    ken_max04, ich habe das selbe Problem. Try -s
  2. Questions about questions.

    Had helped me the following: platform = X86PC -v -x -v rd=disk0s* -v -f -v (replace the * with your OS X partition number) Now it through ACPI remain the same, after it invites the kernel. Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 9.2.0: Sun Mar 2 00:11:08 SCT 2008; made by ***/Build/obj/Relese_I386 Then it stop. HELP!?
  3. Questions about questions.

    I have use Google. Where I get a nForce drivers, and how I installed? (This is determined by the mistake I think at least)
  4. Questions about questions.

    I have done it. But now comes: "Still Waiting for the root device" and the image is frozen.
  5. Questions about questions.

    I have another idea. Do everyone know, where I find "boot_v8" ?
  6. Questions about questions.

    Sorry, I have no Windows. I have Linux. =) EDIT: By the way: My menu.lst: title MacOSX root (hd0,6) chainloader --force +1
  7. Hey. First, I have installed leo4allv3, but cannot boot up it (Error loading booter), probably because it has no primary partition. Has anyone an idea, as I have from a non-primary partition, a primary do without re-installation? My second question: Is leo4all or Kalyway better? Until now I had only leo4all tried, but I can do it (as described above) will not start. And Kalyway also needs a primary? And my last question: Is it possible that one of the two runs on my laptop? Here And yes I know, my English is abysmal bad. Thanks. -Kev-
  8. Boot problem

    Help. =(
  9. com.apple.Boot.plist Not found !

    Und ich hab davor das .iso nochmal gebrannt. Kann sein, dass es nicht mit -x zu tun hat. And Sorry, but my English is very bad,