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  1. I have the same problem, running Yosemite on Fusion 7.1.2, with the latest VMware tools installed. I just disabled Beamoff autostart, the UI is a little bit slower/sluggish but definitively more stable! With beamoff running at login it's simply unusable on my machine (it freeze after few minutes). Ciao
  2. Just a quick question: if I upgrade the VMware tools am I required to re-install VMsvga? It seems that after upgrading the VM tools, a previous installation of VMsvga2 is running correctly. Thnx
  3. Donk, could you please specify on which condition (virtual hw ver, vmx option,…) I am currently running on Mac with Fusion but I was unable to get iMessage working Thnx
  4. Guys, following up on my previous post, by upgrading to HW ver 9, the VM SVGA II is working. By the way the VMware stock driver VMwareGFX works both with HW ver 8 and 9. Remember I'm on Fusion 5, VM is 10.7.5. Digging into the problem a little bit, I log the two dmesg in the VM and noticed that in the HW ver 8 (not working) there is a line Init: SVGA3D: 3D disabled by host. For sake of knowledge and for the record, is there any reason why SVGA II 1.2.4 doesn't work on HW ver. 8? Ciao AxeL
  5. Hi all, I have a VM running Mountain Lion (10.8.2) hardware ver 9, 64 bit. Everything works great with the exception of iMessage: once I try to enable it, it doesn't let me log in (it seems a server issue). Is Apple filtering us out? Is anyone aware/experiencing the issue? Regards AxeL
  6. Hi all, I was trying to install VMware SVGA II on a Lion (10.7.5) VM which run on Fusion 5.0.1. The VM is hw version 8, has VM tools installed (version bundled with Fusion 5.0.1). After installing the VMware SVGA II the VM rebooted and it hangs during the initial splash screen. The weird thing is that the VM is actually running!!! I can ssh into it, it seems that just the windows server doesn't come up. Is there anything I can work on to have the VM work with SVGAII driver? Regards AxeL
  7. ...and I confirm that the SAME VM doesn't boot within VMware Workstation 8, so there should be something in Fusion which does the difference... AxeL
  8. Guyz I can confirm that 10.7.2 VM (untouched, without modifying the SCSI driver) runs just fine in Fusion 4.0.2. AxeL
  9. Thnx for the great work guys!!! I'm now on Fusion4/WS8 with both Lion and SnowLeo VMs. Since SL was from WS7 I installed the 3.1.1 tools and Zenith audio driver; now that the 4.0.2 tools support also the audio should I uninstall Zenith audio driver and update the tools? Ciao