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  1. low speed GeForce FX 5500, help

    Hello, I have a GeForce FX 5500 fully working with CI/QE/QE2D with titan and AGPGart 2.2 but I obtain a low score on Xbench(40 aprox) and OpenMark(1500 aprox). Presentations in iPhoto goes with "stops" each a certain time. DVD Player is really slow. Exposé, Dashboard, Google earth... goes well smothly. I don't know what could be the reason, any help? (Sorry for my english)
  2. Hello, I have a installation of 10.4.8 running perfectly but if I boot with -v option, I see an error that says "failed to load com.apple.driver.apple.AppleACPIProcessor", and I don't know if this error may cause a slow speed. Any help? thanks.
  3. NVidia fx5500 256MB FULLY WORKING!

    A lot of thanks for the files included and for your effort, this is the only solution that have worked for me. Now I've CI/QE working. The only problem that I've is with AGPGart but I'll look for something. Thanks again!!
  4. Thanks Pat for your instrucctions, I'll try it.
  5. I've tryied this method and I get a kernel panic. I've try with all NVDANVx0HAL.kext, each one alone with GeForce.kext and NVResman.kext with the DEV ID. I think that all of you haves 0x0253 like I. For the moment I have no solution. I'm waiting for read your experiencies. Greetings.
  6. Please help with GeForce4 ti 4200

    I was read this post, but we need know how to. I'm searching for a solution. If I find anything I'll post here, please if you find anything post here too. Have you tried at the same time AGPGart? What are your graphics scores in xbench?
  7. Please help with GeForce4 ti 4200

    Then isn't problem of NVDANV20Hal.kext, is of NVDAResman.kext. If it loads is because isn't PowerPC (I think). Now we must searching... Please If somebody haves any idea, welcome is. Thanks.
  8. Please help with GeForce4 ti 4200

    A lot of thanks for you help. It's possible that NVDANV10 and 20 work's only in ppc, because don't have much sense that apple recompile this kexts in order to use in intel macs that don't have this old nvidia cards. But I think that could be possible... I don't know like... I've too a ATI Radeon 9550, any knows if it's possible get work, with Titan/Natit..?
  9. Please help with GeForce4 ti 4200

    Hello, and thanks for to read this post, I'm tired of try a lot of methods that I've been reading and methods of my hand, but no success... I've a working installation of 10.4.8 with semthex kernel for SSE2 experimental 9, and always that boot my computer I get a black screen before to enter GUI. If I enter in verbose mode, the last lines are of the login window. I've try with NVDANV20Hal.kext (i think that it's the mine for GeForce4 ti 4200) modifing the DEV ID in this file, in Geforce.kext and in NVDAResman.kext. I've tried my old login windows (that worked for me), and the original login windows of 10.4.8 combo update. Any help? Thanks a lot.
  10. please help with Office 2004

    I've tested it, and it's working for me too. Strange, but it works Thanks mosx.
  11. please help with Office 2004

    I've tried with all the patchs for 10.4.6 (I've 10.4.7). I don't know if it's needed another patch not applied to kernel refered to SSE2. Other rosetta applications goes well.
  12. please help with Office 2004

    I can't get to work Office 2004 because it do nothing in the screen that shows optimizing font performance. I've applied the SSE2 patch, and nothing. Any help? thanks.
  13. problem with installation 10.4.6

    Thanks a lot, Rammjet, I've do all these things but finally I've can install with other DVD. Maybe was a problem of extensions.
  14. hello, I've a problem with the installation, all goes good but with mode -v arrives to one part that says: SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, ASC=0x11 ASCQ= 0x00 followed of disk1s3 I/O error. I've a DVD LG as PRIMARY SLAVE and a hard disk as PRIMARY MASTER. I'm using a 80 pin IDE cable. please help.
  15. JaS 10.4.6 Install dvd

    I've boot with -v and I've obtained the following error: disk1s3: I/O error SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, ASC=0x11, ASCQ=0x00 please help!!