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  1. Callisto Technical Discussion

    same here on aspire 1694 with same videocard
  2. Dual boot: Win+Mac, but Darwin don't want boot!

    Darwin bootloader has some problems with extended partitions choose "Mac x86" , press Enter and then quickly F8. select your mac partition and press Enter again. gl&hf
  3. Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200B/2915

    do: "sudo chmod 755 iwi2200.kext" "sudo chown root:wheel iwi2200.kext"
  4. Disassembler under OSX?

    under osx im using "otool -vt filename" to get function names, analyse the code with ida pro and edit it via ht editor (hte.sourceforge.net). maybe you can compile the cvs version in osx...
  5. Writing PCI Drivers

    please take a look : http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=11041
  6. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    After some days the kext for my x700mobility is still working i connected a monitor, rebooted and got the display only on the monitor, but thats ok. Also i tested several resolutions on it: eg 1280x1024,1600x1280 ... all of them are working fine (of course there is still mouse tearing and the 60hz problem). WoW is working as well, very smooth even with 4x antialiasing (btw how can i display fps?) . After quitting the mouse cursor was still there. I installed Keynote and started a short presentation with a 3D cube rotation between two pages. Back to the gui, the cursor was absolutly messed up There have to be some more similary checks in this or another kext. Do you have an idea where should i start tracing the kext?
  7. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    Just follow the instructions from the README file, it worked for me and I'm using 10.4.5 too. Its important to edit the marked(!) Info.plist deviceid (see README). Also you should use the original ATIRadeon9700.kext !!! A backup is saved in /Users/username/Documents/originals . btw: dont use the v2 patch on a v1 patched file !!
  8. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    device id: 5653 (x700 mobility) is working!
  9. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    did exactly that what is written in README and now it works !!!!!!!!!! hell yeah!! finally QE and CI support on x700 mobility with v0.2 ! THANK YOU! i will try widescreen resolution later on.. Good night! (maybe my dreams have qe and ci support too?)
  10. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    same here with x700 mobility (0x5653) :mellow: but nice try!