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    Omnisphere not providing challenge code

    Hi, I still don't get it. It probably seems obvious when you are a computer savvy but if you are not, your procedures are quite cryptic (with all due respect, of course). See files attached to get my plist and network settings. This is what I tried before I start the authorization : -> I tried normally with my wi-fi active, no ethernet cable, connected and not connected to internet -> I tried with my wi-fi inactive, with ethernet cable, connected and not connected to internet -> I tried to get rid of the NetworkInterfaces.plist file and reboot -> I tried to edit the BCM5701Enet to en0 in the NetworkInterfaces.plist file -> I tried to make my airport connection as en0 and the BCM5701Enet as en1 in the NetworkInterfaces.plist file and reboot (which seems what you are suggesting as now, even with my airport active and no internet cable, the system settings falsely consider my ethernet as active and being my internet provider). None of this worked, still an empty challenge code. What do I do wrong? Thank you.
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    Authorising Stylus RMX?

    "If it still doesn't works, go to System Preferences / Network and delete the Ethernet on the left hand bar. Then go to YOURHARDDRIVE/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and delete the NetworkInterfaces.plist file (don't worry it will recreate itself automatically), repair permissions via Disk Utility, Reboot. Go to System Preferences / Network and re-enable Ethernet again, it should be automatically set to "en0" now. Then install Korg Legacy and the authorization should work." Hi. I try to resurrect some of my old Cubase projects using "Crossover" on my Mac. So, basically, I'm using XP within OSX but still through OSX. Everything is going fine and I'm able to install all my VST plugins but Izotope Ozone 3. It's a shame because I need Ozone 3 specifically to get my mixes back. So when I install it and it asks me to copy/paste the challenge code, well, the challenge code box is empty. So I just tried that trick here above but it didn't work even though it totally makes sense. So here is what I did on my iMac with Sierra installed (maybe I did wrong): 1) get rid of the Ethernet in the System settings/network 2) me/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and delete NetworkInterfaces.plist 3) Repair permissions and reboot the computer 4) Go to the System settings/network and create a new "Ethernet entry" (keep in mind that there is no "en0" indicated anywhere prior or after this. 5) Launch Cubase again (through Crossover) and wait for it... 6) Challenge code still missing. I could really use some help here as this is the only plugin that prevents me from getting my musical projects back. And it seems obvious that it is totally doable. I just don't have the knowledge. PS: I tried to understand how to directly manipulate the NetworkInterfaces.plist file but I don't understand a thing about what's going on in this file and the procedures around here are way too vague for anyone who's not a computer savvy. PPS: note that I'm usually not connected to internet via the Ethernet cable, just via Wi-fi. That said I tried once with the wi-fi connected AND once with an ethernet cable while doing these procedures above and I got the same result. Thank you for your help.