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  1. guide for G41-P26

    any guide without a quiz?
  2. Got the same PANIC Possible solution (Working for me) Notebook: Acer 3620 Intel 915 chipset. Kalyway 10.5.2 boots into kernel panic. Took the hard drive out and connected thru usb-interface on a (Kalyway)working pc. Did the install without the reboot. Put the drive back in the notebook and finished the installation. Installed AppleIntel950 thru Pacifist. Screen resolutions all OK. NO QE. Cheers
  3. Easy Wifi

    I switched my Intel wifi miniPCIe for a Dell DW1390, so now my Airport is working great. A Notebook without wifi is no go. Dell is selling these cards for approx. 35 euros ex. f&p. This is an out of the box solution. No kext patching, no permissions, just Airport. Running on a Acer Aspire 9410 (everything working now). c$
  4. Had same problem. Changed the Nvidia card for a SIS card and kernel panic was over. After installation put back the Nvidia card and still running today. c$
  5. Adding Timeout 0 to Boot.plist gives a usable bootmenu not as nice as Grub but very easy. c$