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    Guide for Installing OS X on Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

    Just a quick update for everyone: I tried to make a hotpatch for the brightness controls, but it was too difficult and I had to give up unfortunately. I have had some weird glitches, one of which resulted in an unresponsive macOS and static snow on my screen. Not sure what caused them, not sure how to replicate it. Certainly weird to see snow coming out of a digital output. I now know that HDMI audio does NOT work with the FAKEPCIID HDMI audio fix anymore. I don't even know where to begin on that one, though in my particular usage case I could use that fix if anyone else wants to try tackling it.
  2. astrosynthesist

    Guide for Installing OS X on Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

    Thank you! I look forward to having you back into the project (as then I may be able to be lazier again :D) Meantime, I can confirm that I can fix brightness control with the fix in post 2. Unfortunately I have only made it work as a static patch so far. Trying to figure out how to hotpatch now. Will see how it goes. If I make it work I'll update my repo with the new associated .aml and config.plist. Fair warning I may give up due to lack of time!
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    Guide for Installing OS X on Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

    My CLOVER.zip file should solve this issue. It was the exact issue I was faced with after installing the kexts and it was fixed by Samuel123450.
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    Guide for Installing OS X on Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

    Hi everyone! Firstly a HUGE thanks to all of the hard work done by everyone in here, especially Ahmed and Rehab. I'd like to add my two cents on how I got 10.13 (almost) fully working on my y510p, from a clean install. It was a steep learning process. The first post by Ahmed I found to be a bit confusing since it includes a lot of now irrelevant data, and it sidetracked me or led me astray. The worst one specifically was the now-obsolete DSDT-SSDT-hack package (or something like that), which is now superseded by the Clover hotpatch method and is (as far as I can tell, at least) obsolete. Note that this is my hardware: Internal GT750m (now disabled in BIOS), no ultrabay graphics card BIOS 3.05 crack, broadcom pci wifi on the way in the mail Step 1: Creating the USB from the original post does NOT produce a usable install disk anymore. It creates a bootable disk, but the installer claims it is missing dependencies. After partitioning the disk as GPT, I needed to follow the instructions here (although slightly modified in that I used this utility to download the updater image, as the whole reason I needed to convert my y510p to a hackintosh is because my iMac does not support High Sierra, it's stuck on El Capitan). The usb CLOVER worked well as I recall, but I ultimately ended up updating CLOVER to the most recent version. I honestly do not remember whether I had to do this in order to make the USB boot properly or not. As a compromise I will include my current USB_CLOVER folder as I know that it definitely works now. Now we have a bootable version of the High Sierra installer. Great! Step 2: Before installing OSX, be sure to format the partition you will use as HFS+. APFS failed multiple times for me (it would reboot after initial install and the USB CLOVER would not detect it, though it might have been that I was using the old CLOVER at the time, feel free to try APFS for yourself with my updated USB_CLOVER.zip folder in your usb's EFI partition). Also please do note that all the filenames are mangled in my USB_CLOVER.zip folder; this is because the EFI partition on the usb drive appears to have been formatted with a FAT format that only supports 8.3 char filenames by macOS. For example, config.plist is stored as config.pli. All I know is that the folder works, lol. I don't question it. Step 3: Follow the guide all the way up to CLOVER install in system EFI. If the screen goes black from a reboot, fully power off and on again. If the screen gets garbled, I would just press Fn+F1 and then move/click the mouse immediately. The screen would go dark and come back un-garbled. For 10.13 you need a new config.plist and modern version of CLOVER. This config.plist was thankfully provided in an earlier post by Samuel123450 however, that post also suggested replacing your entire EFI folder. I don't recommend that. I would highly recommend just creating or replacing your CLOVER folder with the attached CLOVER.zip that works for me. Note that the contained config.plist also already includes the HDA audio hotpatch. Great news! Step 4: With my CLOVER folder in place in the EFI partition, you may have to manually add CLOVER to the EFI boot list in the bios (like I did) Follow the third post. Once CLOVER is in the UEFI boot list, you should be able to turn off "boot from usb" in the BIOS to help speed up boot times a bit. NOTE: Whether you use my CLOVER folder or the other EFI folder you MUST be using the latest version of CLOVER and the config.plist file or once you perform Step 5 your system will NOT BOOT unless in safe mode or single user mode, and that is no fun. I wasted hours in this limbo until I actually looked in the later posts for the updated config.plist (I readily admit I am no expert on modifying this stuff, I'm just putting the puzzle pieces together). Step 5: Finally, install all of the relevant kexts using EasyKext Utility, as seen in the original post by Ahmed. I will include all of the packages I used as a definitely working setup, INCLUDING the ethernet kext (for those of you who don't want to compile it yourself/join the forum to get the kext), EasyKext, and an updated version of the HDA patcher which allows it to run on 10.13. I apologize for the packages all having weird names, but again. The format utility only gave me an 8.3 namespace to work with (these were all stored on an msdos partition on my usb stick with the OSX installer), so I made sure that every kext was stored in a zip file. I also have the install instructions for osx (installg.htm) and the HDA (applehda.htm) saved so you can view the text without an internet connection. In theory, that's it! The only things I have not working right now are wifi (card in the mail), and for some reason though I can get brightness sliders and hotkeys to change, they don't actually change my laptop's brightness; it is stuck at 100%. I think I actually WILL have to do a DSDT patch for that to work. Wish me luck. Let me know if I was too vague or didn't give enough credit where it's due. Other notes: My Clover implementation uses the Voodoo2 version of the keyboard/mouse drivers. It works well except for multi finger gestures (including scrolling). Also, Ctrl=Ctrl, Fn=Fn, WIN=Option, Alt=Command by default. When rebooting from another OS (Windows or Linux), on my machine it would cause chaotic mouse behaviour such that the system was unusable. The ONLY way to prevent this was to fully power down the machine every time I wanted to switch OS to macOS. Link to relevant files here: https://mega.nz/#F!1FJTTCAA!Mb8LvMN1Jj2QZAJf-2LIcA