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  1. One more time you provide a great support towards the issue, love it.
  2. Hello, Cyberdevs thanks for the support. insanelymac is the best forum for new bae hackintosher. i will recommend everyone Insanelymac. And I have succeeded to installed Sierra on my machine and it's working fine with this graphics cards. Just one thing to ask that can I adjust the brightness of the screen?
  3. Hello angel__eyes can you describe the full method? How can you activate your nvidia graphics card?
  4. I have managed to fix the resolution of the screen and also bios screen. Just need to accelerate with Nvidia driver which can't boot with nvda_drv = 1 , Boot only with nv_disable =1
  5. I am able integrate nvidia using nvidia hdmi port. I have to add nvda_drv =0 and nv_disable=1. Now the graphics is horrible. I have already installed nvidia web driver and select graphics driver - nvidia web driver. And if I replace nvda_drv=1 and remove nvdisable then boot but stuck at black screen with a active cursor.
  6. While installation time..without these process I can't go to next step. So I have to install from fresh?
  7. IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 error showing.
  8. Before that, I got an error in Nvidia graphics panel. Error - ECC detects and corrects single bit error in graphics memory
  9. My cpu has two hdmi ports one for intel graphics and another is Nvidia graphics hdmi port..this hackintosh only works when I set initial graphics intel and put the hdmi port to the intel hdmi port. Is there any way to enable initial graphics is Pcie and set the hdmi cable to nvidia port but mac os run in intel graphics that's mean mac os completely neglect nvidia graphics card and run on intel graphics?
  10. Yup already revert...now what should I do?
  11. I did but same error..after giolockscreenstate log..screen goes black with a cursor.