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  1. Nvidia on MacPro

    I was just going to start a topic on this, man would it rule so hard to not have to use this cheapy ATI card anymore! I hope if the driver works, that it has dual monitor support.....*Drools* Oh, Sorry. *Mops up huge pile of drool*
  2. ReiserFS

    Has anyone seen any reiserfs drivers for mac os x? I've been googling all over and have yet to find one.
  3. The Missing Sync Universal Binary Woes

    I have that same error, it is the registration window because when I ran it in rosetta mode I saw it clearly then it closed. Anyone know what is causing this/how to get around it?
  4. System Preferences Crashes

    If you have 10.4.5 if you dl the update from Apples website and then open the package in Pacifist I forgot what folder its in but its definatally BezelServices.framework because the same thing happened to me, and this fixed it.
  5. Dual monitor support

    Not to be rude or anything, but does anyone read the rules!?! I also think if you post in the other catagories you would get more repsponses since that is where it is suppose to be. Also, the answer to your question is no, if your not able to change the resolution within the display preferences you can't enable dual monitors. I have a dual head card as well and mirroring works fine, its just the lack of a good driver that is keeping you and me from dual monitors, but expose makes single monitor living a lot more livable.
  6. "Still Waiting for Root Device" means that it can't find the driver for either your ide or sata controller, or your hard drive so therefore it can't boot. What kind of hard drive is this?
  7. Hello, I got a copy of Missing Sync the universal binary, and whenever I open it, it flashes a window and then closes. I think it is a problem with the registration system because I can see the registration window, anybody else have this problem?
  8. [How To] Enable Quartz 2D Extreme and Disable BeamSync

    Enabling 2d quartz helps a lot with dialogs and such. And disabling beamsync, just makes your system SCREAM, up to 2 times faster, its crazy. Its not just the benchmarks, its a noticable speed increase.
  9. Sheepshaver problems

    In order for you to "extract" the rom, the computer has to be able to boot. Once it works I forgot the name of the program, but it extracts the rom to a .rom file, and your all set.
  10. Freezing Boot

    The circle and the slash means "Waiting for root device"
  11. [How To] Enable Quartz 2D Extreme and Disable BeamSync

    Some people have said that this causes icons to be less sharp, but on my 19 inch dell CRT, I see no such fuzzyness. Even if it did, a 50% speed boost for a little fuzzyness is not that bad, and you can always enable it again.
  12. I have modded QuartzDebug to simplify this process, and if you loose the directions, no worries, the directions are in QuartzSimple. In order to use this trick you must have a supported video card, with CI and QE supported!! 1. Download QuartzSimple (Mirrored on my website, Click Here) 2. Copy Quartz Debuug to your Applications Folder and open it 3. Go to Tools and Click "Enable Quartz 2D Extreme" 4. Go to Tools and Click "Show BeamSync Tools" and Click "Disable Beam Synchronization" 5. Now Hit Command (Apple or alt if your on a pc keyboard) + alt (windows on a pc keyboard) + esc 6. Click Quartz Debug and hit "Force Quit" then click Finder and hit "Relaunch" 7. Any apps that you have open will have to be closed and open again for you to notice the speed in them. 8. Any time you restart, you will have to disable Beamsync again, I have yet to find a workaround. When I did this trick on my Hackintosh, I went from low 60's to high 80's and low 90's, also the GUI is just blazing. Also when you relaunch finder, the QuartzSimple directions disapper, just click the icon in the dock and the directions will pop up again. EDIT: Forgot to post link to quartz debug EDIT/UPDATE: QuartzSimple Added, and broken link fixed
  13. I know i've seen this question asked on the fourms, but when I searched I couldn't find it. On iMovie, when I try to import video it crashes with a bunch of openGl errors, I think I have read that you have to delete drivers, but I want to be sure. I have a Radeon x300 and its using the Radeon9700 kext. Any help appreciated.
  14. Security updates on 10.4.5

    What about the security updates?
  15. Can't Boot Straight to 10.4.4 Partition

    I am having a problem similar. I followed all of maxxuss's steps, and I can only boot the 10.4.3 partition and then select 10.4.4 from there, mine boots though. I recall maxxuss saying in the directions "Follow or you will end up with boot.efi, and you don't want that" I just ran a search, and I have boot.efi ......Anyone know how to fix this.....Any help appreciated.