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  1. lol i was thinking more along the lines of a guide...regardless thanks for sharing, this blows my mind on the amount of work that goes into making this happen!
  2. Thanks @MaLd0n ! What will you be doing with the files, I'm would like to know for understanding and educational reasons Alternatively is there a post/article where I can better understand dsdt/ssdt and if it is something I am able to do myself?
  3. whats up guys, noob here, i have an asus z370-i gaming wifi, do i need to make a specific dsdt/ssdt since there is nothing available?
  4. Whats up guys, New to the forum, i ran a quick search in here but couldn't find anything related and after googling the only guides where for installing macos first then windows. Right now i have a corsair MP500 240gb m.2 ssd with windows installed on it. The motherboard is a Asus z370-i. It has two m.2 sockets. The other will be for a WD Blue 1TB SATA m.2 for storage. My aim is to have the 120gb for each OS on the MP500 and have a dual boot setup. 1) Is it too late to do so? 2) If so is it possible to; Create a Win10 disk image backup - wipe drive - partition it in half some how - install macos on one half - recover the Win10 disk image on the other? or is there a more optimal way of doing this? I understand that the effective way of dual booting is to have each OS installed on dedicated drives but I don't really want to add another drive (keep everything in its current m.2 no wires form factor) unless its an absolute must ill look to change my current storage configuration. Cheers, TIA