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  1. have tried to boot from a USB. the mac mini sees the USB disk and will install from it but at boot goes back to the grey screen. there is a imac at work. i will try to get the files edited on that and try again. just frustrates me that a software update broke it. it wasnt even an OS update as far as i saw... should never have let it do the update...
  2. i think the drive has been replaced as its a 250GB Hitachi and i dont think they come with that size originally? trouble is the mac booted and worked fine for a day or two. then it said there was a software update available. so i let it do the update and then no more booting. i had run the verify and repair disk permissions as well as repair disk. i have used the disk utility to erase the partition and reinstalled from the base system partition. several times. i have tried to reinstall Lion from a USB stick using transmac on my windows PC . i have tried to do this trouble with this is it seems to assume you have a working version of OS X already running.
  3. 10 days and not even 1 view? what did i do wrong?
  4. Hi, i just bought a Mac Mini late 2006. i was told it had the core2duo up grade and 3 GB ram. it ran fine when i got it. I am new to the Mac OS , i bought this to learn and get familiar with it. now to my problem. i let it do a software update and after that it boots to the grey prohibited screen. i didnt get a mac keyboard with it so i am using a HP i had lying around. holding "command R" at boot does nothing. it stays on the grey screen. if i hold "option"/Alt key at boot i get to installer menu. i have tried several times to reinstall from the partition labled "Mac OS X base system" it will go through the install process installing to the partition "Mac OS" however it still boots to the prohibited screen. i downloaded Snow Leopard set it up on a USB stick and tried to install but it still gives prohibited screen after reboot. so far i am learning what not to do. im sure there is something obvious to a seasoned user that i am missing. all help appreciated .