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  1. Yes, right. There won't be any Apple equivalent of the MS-4-in-1 keygen, anti-activation patch, fixed LegitCheckControl.dll, will there? MS didn't achieve much with successive releases of Windows. I really don't think that Apple would be in any better position than Microsoft here but who knows?
  2. BritSpeak

    I can help out on the Public/Private school bit. In the old days all schools in the UK were run by various groups, often by churches. If the school was for e.g. catholics and you weren't, your kids had to go and learn all about catholicism regardless. Or any other group you could mention. Those schools were privately run, hence 'private'. You usually didn't pay for them because the groups running them wanted to indoctrinate the kids. When schools that didn't subscribe to a religion or other group were introduced, anyone could go, so they were callled 'public'. They were a better and broader class of education but because they were not subsidized by anyone you had to pay to go. So a public school was one you paid to attend. Eventually all the 'private' schools were absorbed into the state system and became just normal free state education and they were forced to teach all religions etc. Some private schools remained private - just for catholics for eg and are 'private' to this day. Some 'public' schools remain too, and charge fees, and they offer the 'best' education. They are open to any of the public, as long as they've got the dosh Eton, Harrow, etc. are 'public' schools.
  3. Warning for stupid users?

    I bought one of those 6" leads too ... from Radio Shack. So I called Radio Shack to ask why the label. Their answer (paraphrased a bit): "Someone might have a bunch of extension leads coiled up and decide to pull them out to reach an appliance. This one is only six inches (a lie, but we will ignore that) and if they pull on that it could pull over an applicance like a TV and cause injury. So the label warns the user not to pull on it." Who would have guessed? Which begs the question why the label is on the plug end, not the socket end. The other part of this great thread is 240v versus 110v if I'm not mistaken. 240v is great for heating appliances, kettles and the like. In the US you have feeble fan heaters and electric kettles which take ages to boil. In Europe you have 3Kw heaters which warm a room in minutes, and kettles which boil in thirty seconds. In the US the lights dim in your apartment block every time someone switches something on. In Europe they don't. Unless you live in old parts of Italy where the distribution system sucks. What many Europeans don't know is that US houses are wired with 240v split 180' out of phase around a central earth/ground and you can get 240v appliances but they are usually big fixed units. All normal room outlets sit on one phase or the other and supply 120v. You can get both phases in one room and you can have 240v outlets if you want and you can choose to use one or both phases since ground is right between them. 60Hz is better than 50Hz for efficiency. If the world were being wired today 60Hz 240v around a central ground would be a great way to go. Industrial US uses conventional 3-phase at various voltages but the star/delta 415V between phases and 240 to ground is found exactly as in Europe but at 60Hz. My vote as to which is better goes to 240v. I can't believe I just typed all that in a forum which is based on OSX.
  4. I think that is a great point. If Vista is good it will give the Apple a headache. If the big names have lagged behind producing universal binaries for Intel OSX Apple may lose market share bigtime. Come on Adobe, where are you? Photoshop is already snappier under XP and there is no way I will buy an intel mac until at least my main power-apps are supported natively. Guess I hope that Apple get throttled in the HW market and are forced to sell generic OSX to survive.
  5. there's another thread on that subject - he is unlikely to have gone for good. I think the board has not gone 'wussy'. It has followed the precise policy which has allowed it to stay up and running even after the DMCA sh*t last week. That is good and I applaud the staff for keeping it that way. What a pity there are so many negative people who have to detract from a good thing.
  6. Review Forum

    Move it back to the genius bar because that is where people go for information.
  7. New Forum Layout Suggestion

    I like it just the way it is - please don't confuse us!
  8. This forum is the best, absolutely. I wondered which one of the forum staff everyone would most like to meet? Or forum members for that matter? I would like to meet Macgirl or Metrogirl because they are both brilliant, sexy and they stay NICE to everyone even when it must be very tempting to send a snippy reply. Those ladies get into my dreams All the staff are really great and I would buy them all a beer if I could. That's why I'm not making this a poll as no-one deserves to come last! Anyway to all the staff a big thanks from the heart for making this the best place on the internet for everything OSX.
  9. MacBooks Ship, Plus Package Porn

    And hard'CORE' porn - where you see the processor on its back with its pins in the air. Oh, wait a minute, the 775 doesn't have pins. Well you get the idea
  10. You mean you put an Apple sticker on it? :pirate2: What's going on with that apple sticker anywhow? When I bought my Powerbook it came with two nice white apple stickers. When I recently bought my daughter's mini it came without any stickers at all. Maybe Apple have realized their vulnerability?
  11. Create .dmg from my iMac restore DVD

    You probably don't have the right path for your DVD. It should be something like /Volumes(something). Try dragging the icon into the terminal window after you have typed all the hdiutil stuff and the path will be pasted in for you magically.
  12. Whether the EULA is invalid or not, Apple have tied the OS to the hardware with encryption and the TPM. And whether that is a valid move is irrelevant, the fact is that it is illegal for the end user to try to defeat those mechanisms in most countries in the western world today. Don't worry too much. As someone said in another post "first they've got to catch you".