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  1. Samsung NF310?

    Thanks for the info. What are the chances that the new chip will be natively supported? What was the track record, or why did they use the last chipset?
  2. Samsung NF310?

    Any updates? I just got the same laptop, and holy {censored} would it be awesome to have osx on this!
  3. OSX Boot Problem

  4. OSX Boot Problem

  5. OSX Boot Problem

    Done, and the boot stops at: "ERROR: Firewall unable to determine security... unknown SIGSEGV code 0" I'll upload a pic of the screen if needed.
  6. OSX Boot Problem

    I've (I think) successfully installed the Kalyway distro of 10.5.2, although it took a while and patches to fix the iso. I'm just glad I made a gparted cd beforehand . Now when I boot to the Mac partition, all I get is the gray screen with the apple logo in the middle and the spinning loading thingie on the bottom. What could be wrong? Using an HP Pavillion dv9000, standard everything. cheers!
  7. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    How are you guy's acutally getting osx86 installed on the pavillions? I've tried multiple distro's and also using vmware... nothing works
  8. Okay, now I'm trying the VMware route. I installed VMware, and followed the tutorial in this website's wiki on how to set up the virtual machine to install from a leo4allv3 iso that is mounted with alcohol 120%. I run the virtual machine, and press enter to boot from the iso, but it doesn't go too far into the process and then I get a popup saying that I have to do something with the DWA concerning the guest os. What do I do? plz help!
  9. I've tried booting up Kalyway and leo4all dvd's but all I get is "system config file apple.com.boot.plist not found" when my computer starts booting it. I've been trying to find the solution in this forum, but to no avail. I'm on an HP dv9000 laptop, standard everything. I've tried both distro's but they end up the same. What could be the issue? thx