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  1. Thanks a lot. I've tried to use 387 drivers for 4 months without success, call me a fool but I finally found a way. 10.13.6 / 1080ti + 1080ti + 1080 / 7980XE here. 378 drivers gave me frequent KP's and I finally decided to upgrade to 387 drivers. I installed 387. - the one pulled down from NV's website, thinking it could make a difference. After reboot it was the same problem as usual. All applications which depends on GPU acc were broken, chrome, spotify, even VS Code. BUT, Octane Render was all good. 3 GPUs recognized and rendered normally. This, and what you said about the PCI orders, gave me a new idea. I connected my DP cable to my 3rd GPU - NV 1080 without ti. And all app including chrome, spotify etc. are good now. Octane runs normally as usual. It seems that macOS will only support the first GPU for all apps' acceleration, AND YOU NEED TO CONNECT YOUR MONITOR TO THAT ONE IN SYSTEM to make it work - and due to the reversed order it is the LAST GPU on your hackintosh now actually, or apps will not render properly. Anyone still on 378 driver with multiple GPUs, you can give it a try: 1) Install 387 drivers normally 2) Connect DP cable to your LAST GPU 3) Test if Chrome and other apps work properly With latest Lilu and Whatevergreen everything is so smooth now! Now waiting for the Mojave webdriver....
  2. Did anyone with multiple GPUs try the recent driver? Don't have time to mess with the drivers on my work rig for now. Idk if any sort of official support of NV GPUs will come in 2019 along with next gen Mac Pro cause if Apple does not bring it back it will be a massive disappoint for many users. But with Mojave happening and the obvious lacking of official drivers... sigh. Maybe we will have to wait till WWDC 2019.
  3. 10.13.5 1080Ti * 2 + 1080, Web driver 378. works (OpenGL, metal, CUDA) 378 drivers work with a little noticeable lag. I removed NVFixUp and Lilu after several KPs when using Premiere, so far no more KP and I will stay on this version for now. 387.10 is completely unusable on my system. All OpenGL applications won't work. Chrome and Firefox are broken, also with random KPs. Hope NV can come up with a USABLE driver for multiple GPU systems. EDIT: Several days of heavy use, no KPs or other errors happened. Guess 10.13.5 + x299 Build + Multiple GPUs + No Lilu & NVFix kexts + 378 drivers is a relatively stable solution right now.