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  1. Hey I've been working a few days on getting a fresh Mojave installed on my system. I have almost the exact configuration as this person except my GPU is AMD RX 560. Do you know if I'd need a different file to be successful?
  2. Acer Aspire TC-780, core i3 7100, GTX 1050TI , AMI motherboard, latest BIOS version. I've been dealing with this error for about 5 days now, I've tried installing with and without my GPU, formatted my SSD completely a few times. I've since started over again using the guide listed here https://hackintosher.com/guides/make-macos-flash-drive-installer/ I'll upload a copy of my current clover folder. I'm getting to a screen stating "Still waiting for root device" I notice when I select Boot from Install macOS high sierra in clover all usb devices seem to disconnect, then the apple loads, then I get the error. It seems like this is the main holdup. I'd like to note I installed High Sierra on this exact system with the same guide a couple months ago then stopped using it when I had frustrations with HDMI audio. Recently I saw more workarounds so I wanted to get going again, and for 5 days now I haven't been able to get past this point no matter what I try. -I'm using USB 2.0 ports attached to the motherboard on the back of the PC -used 2 different usb 2.0 usb with same result -tried every boot flag I could find online and various tips. - in clover I did the options under F1 including F4 to generate logs Any help would be much appreciated I've spent many hours troubleshooting this and I have no idea why the same guides aren't working for me that worked for me before. Keven EFI.zip